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Cork City


...Exciting, historical, full of life, Cork will bowl you over. As one of the main cultural hubs of Ireland, the Rebel city is brimming with fascinating and exiciting experiences. Cork Public Museum, the Crawford Gallery and Cork City Gaol are must-sees and if you fancy being outdoors there are three highly recommended walking tours that bring you on a journey through the city's most important streets and buildings like Shandon Steeple (also known as St. Annes) and the South Parish area that hosts Cork's oldest building: Red Abbey. 

Mad for Trad


Cork is just buzzing with musical talent - both home grown and imported. In particular Cork has a pulsating traditional music scene which delights both visitors and locals alike.

Why not book the extraordinary spectacle that is Pulses of Tradition which runs from June to September in Triskel Christchurch on South Main Street. Or call into any one of the city's Lee Sessions which run throughout the Summer months (and in a reduced number of bars throughout the rest of the year).

Admission is free!


Lonely Planet

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'Lonely Planet gets it right again (in our humble opinion of course!)

" of the hottest places to visit is the rebel city of Cork"

On top of being nominated European Capital of Culture in 2005 Cork has now been declared one of the top ten cities in the World to visit by Top Travel Guide "The Lonely Planet"

Cork has also been voted as the best Irish city to live in by the Irish Times and has been lauded by Frommers Guide as exciting and vibrant.

Lonely Planet Guide says that Cork is:

 "sophisticated, vibrant and diverse, while still retaining its friendliness, relaxed charm and quick-fire wit"

We can't argue with that!

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