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Cork the City

Cork the City

When talking about Cork ‘the city’ it’s sometimes hard to know where one should begin. This is an ancient city with a long and facinating history. Joy and sorrow have visited its gates through the ages and its sons and daughters loom large in the historical tapestry of Ireland and many other nations. Curiously, for a renowned nation of talkers, Cork people have been oddly reticent when it comes to telling the world about all the reasons why one should come and visit.... till now!!

UCC Bridge

Founded as a monastic settlement by St Fin barre the city’s patron saint in 609 AD, the city has suffered and prospered, changed and remained constant through invasion, siege, war, plague, pestilence, emigration, merchant success and decline and much more. In the middle of this milieu are to be found a story of a unique people, of laughter, of music, of folklore, much lost but even more preserved and passed on from generation to generation allowing us understand what those who came before withstood, to build the brighter future we see in front of us.

Cork today is a proud city of approximately 150,000 people that sits on the River Lee and at the head of Cork Harbour, the second biggest natural harbour in the world. It is a city of renowned learning with a world class university and specialist colleges.It is one of the biggest pharmaceutical producing regions in the world with many leading names located here, its is also a centre of technology with many of the world's largest ICT companies choosing Cork as their preferred location, including Apple and EMC. But it is far more than that -  it is home to 24 fesivals with a festival season that runs from January to December each year. The oldest yacht club in the world is here, together with a rich musical tradition, a home to sporting giants and in recent years the hub of a veritable gourmet Riviera.

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People talk about what separates one destination from any other and the frequent answer is ‘the people’. This certainly holds true for Cork (not that we are biased in saying this) for it has been recognised at home and abroad that not only is Ireland one of the friendliest places in the world to visit but that Cork is one of the ‘friendly highlights’.

So enough dilly dallying, time to get those fingers moving and book your next trip to the place we call home.