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The Cork landscape is made for discovery. East to west there is over a 1000 Km’s of coastline to be explored including the stunning western peninsulas. North & North West you have mountains and rolling pasture land and East you have the beautiful Blackwater Valley one of Ireland’s most navigable rivers.

Cork Landscape 1

The city itself is built on a series of shallow islands connected by river channels. In fact the Irish name for Cork which is Corcaigh translates in to ‘marsh’ as this is exactly what the city was built on. Over the centuries, flooding was a constant problem and if it wasn’t due to the perseverance of the locals and the constant raising of the streets, Cork would not exist in its existing form. It wasn’t until the 19th century that culverts were built over the river channels to take the form of the streets we see today. St Patrick’s Street – the main thoroughfare was formerly known as Long Quay.

Landscape Rivers

The South Mall where the banks and insurance companies are based was another river channel and all linked by a maze of smaller channels. Along the entire length of the north-channel runs a large rocky out crop from which wonderful views are afforded of the city. And where the finest houses were once located. 

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