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Nightlife in Ireland tends to fall in to a number of categories

Pubs pubs pubs: After many years travelling the world I know of no other destination that celebrates the world of the pub in the way that Ireland does. Coming from the Gaelic ‘teach phobail’ or public house, it often does seem to be the place where it all happens. Unlike the capital – Dublin, I believe Cork city centre makes for a better going out experience because of its compact nature and the option of being able to walk everywhere in the heart of the city without having to take taxis. Old sawdust style pubs that have not seen a ‘lick of paint’ in a 100 years sit atmospherically, in close proximity to trendy dance bars, side streets and alley’s are home to little gems of pubs of great character and full of great characters. Places where the conversation is rich and the beer is....cold (you thought I was going to say cheap!).

Sunday – Wednesday most pubs tend to close at midnight, while Thursday – Saturday most bars close at 0200am.

Food: mmmmmm!!!! This will be covered in more detail in other parts of the site so just a short mention here. Cork is at the heart of an area rapidly becoming known as the gourmet riviera for its quality of food and the very competitive prices for the quality of what’s on offer. There are those who say there is no such thing as a bad meal in Cork.... except perhaps if you have been sampling too many of the pubs before hand!

Night clubs: In recent years with the advent of late night bars, there has been a relative decline in the number of traditional night clubs. Let’s be honest the only reason guys went to clubs was because women went there and it just gets weird looking at your best mate if you are wearing beer goggles!!! Though there is a limited choice of actual clubs, those that are there all tend to be pretty good but the apparent lack of choice is more than compensated by the quality and number of late bars that double up as music/dance bars after the midnight witching hour.