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Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle situated in the lovely town of Blarney, just 15 minutes drive from Cork City centre was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland's greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy. Over the years millions of visitors have flocked to see the historic landmark making it one of Ireland's greatest treasures and one of our most popular tourism attractions.

The Legend
Back in the 14th century, the Earl of Leicester was commanded by Queen Elizabeth I to take possession of the castle. Each time the queen enquired about progress, MacCarthy always suggested a banquet or some other form of delay, at the end of which the castle remained untaken. The queen was said to be so irritated that she remarked that the earl's reports were all 'Blarney'. Now visitors who climb the castles steps, lean over the wall to kiss the ‘Blarney Stone’ are said to have the gift of eloquence bestowed upon them.

A trip to Blarney is more than just the castle. There are the exceptional Rock Close Gardens and the Great House on the castle grounds and just 5 minutes away you have the world famous Blarney Woollen Mills for some retail therapy.