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English Market

The Market was created in 1788 by the Protestant or “English” corporation that controlled the city at that time and is now one of the oldest such markets in Europe. When local government was reformed in 1840, and the representatives of the city’s Catholic, “Irish” majority took over, they established another covered food market, St. Peter’s Market (now the Bodega Bar on Cornmarket Street), which became known as the “Irish Market” to distinguish it from its older counterpart which remained associated with its English creators.  It is thus that the name “English Market” dates from this era of transition.

Today, the market welcomes locals and visitors from all over the world and has lost none of its charm over the years. Indeed since the visit of Queen Elizabeth II of England in the Summer of 2011, the reputation of the market has been copper-fastened. Renowned for its incredible organic world class foods, its relaxed informality and the colourful characters that are the backbone of the market, the market is certain to be around for a longtime to come. Located in the heart of the city you can find out more at