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Triskel Christchurch

Triskel Christchurch is now a cutting edge contemporary and performing arts venue. Known also as the Holy Trinity it sits discreetly in the background of Bishop Lucey Park on Grand Parade in the heart of the city. The entrance to Christchurch is located on South Main Street, once the main street of medieval Cork. Christchurch ceased to function as a place of worship in 1978 before the building was acquired by Cork City Council in 1979 to house the Cork Archives Institute.

Present-day Christchurch is an eighteenth-century neoclassical Georgian building (1720–1726) which sits on the site of two previous churches dating back to medieval times. It is suggested that the original building of Christchurch took place around 1050 and is thought to be of Hiberno-Norse, or Viking origin.

Today, the venue hosts art exhibitions, theatre, concerts, cinema and is home to a unique traditional Irish music show called ‘Pulses of Tradition’, which can only be seen in Cork and is something not to be missed. Visit for further details.