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Dining Out

Internationally, Ireland is generating a lot of waves for the quality of its food and happily Cork is very much at the centre of this ‘gourmet revival’. A popular sobriquet that is attaching itself to the area is as a ‘Gourmet Riviera’. The best of beef and dairy produce comes from the Golden Vale (an area of rich pasture land just north of Cork), we have the freshest fish (often coming from boat directly to restaurant to plate), the most tender lamb from west Cork, organic vegetables and a stunning range of artisan produce from all over including, breads, cheeses, smoke fish, marinades, jams…. Mmm am getting hungry just thinking about! And of course at the centre of this the English Market in he heart of Cork which was visited by HM the Queen of England in the Summer of 2011.

Dining in the city is generally an informal affair although in some restaurants you are encouraged to dress up. Popular options include;

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