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Art Galleries

Art Galleries around Cork are well-known throughout the country for the unique artist displays, sculptures, and pictures amongst many more.  Visit the unique galleries such as the Crawford Art Gallery which has over 2000 fabulous displays throughout the building each telling its own story. Irish, European and International paintings and sculptures are able to be seen up close, whereby you as a visitor can get a feel of what the galleries pieces meant to the artists.


Triskel Art Centre is another famous place which displays the true Cork pieces but also is known for the music, books, theatre, visual arts etc. The centre is a place which will always be helping to advance art around the city. Visit the Lewis Glucksman Gallery which is known as ‘an important civic space in Cork City’.

This gallery can be seen as a vital cultural and educational institution that promotes the research, creation of art throughout the city.  Open yourself up to the true beauty of cork art by visiting the National Sculpture Factory and see the day-to-day work which is performed to create the unique art sculptures within the city. Or maybe the Lavit Gallery is more interesting for you, so explore this side of cork and be adventurous by visiting the many other galleries throughout the city.