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Top 10 Architecture

Every city has a particular style to it, something in the built environment that sets it apart. 


A top 10 in our architectural landscape to explore in no particular order would include;

  • St Fin barres Cathedral – French neo-gothic façade.
  • Elizabeth Fort - One of the finest remaining 17th century star forts in the world.
  • Lewis Glucksman Gallery – Listed as on of the 1001 buildings to see before you die. 
  • Lifetime Lab -  19th century Victorian engineering works.
  • Triskel Arts Centre – 18th century neo classical building.
  • Shandon Bells – 18th Century Early English tower steeple.
  • Crawford Art Gallery – Early Georgian building that has changed remarkably little.
  • The Butter Market – Roman temple style portico.
  • Cork Vision Centre – 18th century church.
  • The Quadrangle UCC – In the heart of University College Cork