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School of Music

Cork School of Music, which is a constituent college of CIT, offers a complete education in music including first, second, undergraduate (third) level and postgraduate.

Located within the centre of Cork City overlooking the River Lee, this five story 12,000 sq.m., building functions as a centre of musical excellence locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Central to the architect’s concept are the themes of ‘collegiality’ balanced with the requirements of speechless teaching.

Cork School of Music

The school accommodates music tuition studios; a 450 seat rehearsal hall; ‘black box’ theatre; staff and student common rooms; music library; live recording suite with ProTools HD; AudioLab; drama suite; staff boardrooms; administrative offices; flat floor classrooms and raked lecture theatres. All rooms contain at least one computer unit, while others contain 20.

The heart of the building is a public concourse that connects the teaching, performance and administrative spaces. The school is built on the grounds of the old school and has been specifically developed for the site taking consideration of its urban context and to make a dramatic contribution to the urban realm of Cork City.

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