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Cork Past and Present

Below is quick time line of the history of Cork marking some of the key moments in the city’s history and development.

600’s AD:  St Fin barre founded a monastery on the south bank of the River Lee and this was the beginning of Cork.
820’s AD: Arrival of the Vikings.
1169: The Normans arrive.
1177: Cork is captured by the Normans.
1185: Cork receives its charter from King John to be a city.
1200: Medieval walls are built for protection.
1349: The Black Death arrives in Cork.
1649: Arrival of Crowmwell.
1690: Siege of Cork.
1700’s: Period of economic growth for the merchant classes.
1815: End of Napoleonic Wars.
1845: Potato Famine.
1840’s: Dublin – Cork railway opened.
1898: Arrival of trams in Cork.
1920: Burning of Cork.
1985: Celebration of Cork 800.
2005: Cork becomes European City of Culture