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famous Cork people

Cork has its own fair share of famous people from the sporting arena, to academia, politics and entertainment. Here are a selection of some of the most famous

Jack Lynch                 Hurler & Taoiseach (Prime Minister)
Christy Ring                Hurler
Teddy McCarthy        Hurler & Gaelic football
Sam Maguire              Gaelic football
Roy Keane                 Football, Manchester United
Denis Irwin                 Football, Manchester United
Sonia O Sullivan         International athlete
Dervla O Rourke        International athlete
Dr Pat O Callaghan     Hammer         
Ronan O Gara             Rugby, Munster & Ireland
Peter Stringer              Rugby, Munster & Ireland

Michael Collins – Nationalist Leader during the War of Independence & Civil War
Mother Jones
William Penn founder of Pennsylvania.
Richard ‘Boss’ Croker. Head of Tammany Hall, New York.
John F Kennedy’s great grandfather came from West Cork.

George Boole (invented Boolean algebra) – don’t know what it means either but apparently it’s really significant!

Cillian Murphy, Hollywood Actor
Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Hollywood Actor
Graham Norton, TV personality
Henry Ford’s (of Ford motor cars) ancestors hailed from Cork.
Annie Moore was the first person processed through Ellis Island in New York.

If we have missed out on anybody that you believe should be on this then please let us know