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The origins of the Irish

Who are we and where do we come from have long been lost in the midst of time and in the swirling mists of legend and folk lore. What we do know is that Ireland has been inhabited for approximately 9000 years and some of these people were quite advanced. The Ceide Fields in County Mayo are an example of a Neolithic field system and are said to be the oldest in the world as is the Passage Tomb World Heritage Site at Newgrange, Co Meath.

Of all the legends it is now impossible to determine which had a basis of fact and which were purely imagination. Milesians, Fir Bolg, An Tuatha De Danann, Nemedians, Sythians, colourful sounding names and all bound up with even more colourful legends.

However in the last two millennia, the Irish invaded Scotland, England & Wales and in turn the favour was reversed. There were great influxes of Gauls, Normans and Anglo Saxons all of whom left their mark. In more recent times there have been sizeable amounts of Poles and Chinese on our shores all of whom made and continue to make the Ireland we see today.