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Ocean to City

Since 2005, the history of Meitheal Mara's Ocean to City Maritime Festival has grown to reflect the re-awakening of a unique boating culture that has it's first record dating back to 100BC, from the time of Julius Ceasar.

Originally, Ocean to City consisted of a rowing race (called "An Rás Mór" i.e. The Big Race) that embraced the use of the traditional celtic Currachs. These currachs were used for ocean and river fishing, for ferrying and for the transport of goods and livestock, including sheep and cattle.

Ocean to the City2

The festival aims to engage participation through boat building demonstrations, youth racing, model boat building, photography, exhibitions, traditional music, heritage boat trails and the Cork Harbour School which inspires and triggers action in policy and research through tourism, industry and sustainable practices.

The Ocean to City Maritime festival remains unique to Ireland and to our heritage as island folk. It is anticipated that the festival will continue to grow with the optimism, expertise, skills & creativity of it's team which in turn will attract visitors and animate Irelands cultural, sporting & heritage tradition.